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Address: Europa House, Midland Way, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 2JX

About Us

RiderSure works closely with brokers and offers expertise to place your customer's bike insurance. We, like your customers, are passionate about motorcycles and this passion enables us to offer you the solution to fit your customer's needs.

We have a large panel of insurer partners to place any bike from the smallest scooter to the ultimate sport or super sports bike. Whether your customer's bike is standard or is non-standard, we would love to offer you and your customer a quotation.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Highly modified bikes
  • Non ABI and Chinese bikes
  • Trikes and Quads
  • Niche Bikes
  • Q Plates
  • Chassis Numbers
  • Multi-bikes
  • A range of concessions, including mirroring NCB

All enquiries are important and we believe in offering you and your customer the highest level of service that you would expect. Contact us today for an agency or if you are an existing broker, please give feedback to us.

RiderSure, Bike Insurance Kept Easy!